Sunday, October 14, 2012

AFA v. SPLC, Round 317

11 years ago, the Southern Poverty Law Center came up with a program they hoped would help combat cliques and bullying in schools. They called it "Mix it Up at Lunch Day." On one day of the year, students are urged to sit at lunch with someone s/he would normally not talk to. The SPLC hopes to break down self-imposed barriers that lead to cliques which can lead to bullying. They want kids to reach across superficial barriers like economic class, race, ethnicity, and instead try to find similarities and understanding.

Sounds like a pretty cool idea to me. Don't we all remember how separated we could become in high school? How the theater kids sat here and the a/v nerds sat there and the popular kids sat at the center table and then there was that one girl that no one would sit with. Maybe if Mix It Up day had existed when I was in high school, I finally would have had the courage to go sit with that girl.

But apparently I have just been duped because the day isn't really about encouraging unity and discouraging bullying. The day is really all about furthering the homosexual agenda. Its super secret real name is "Homosexual Mix It Up Day." Thankfully, the American Family Association is here to tell us this. According to AFA, the SPLC is a "fanatical pro-homosexual group." (To be fair, the SPLC doesn't think much of AFA, either, having declared it a hate group.) And this Mix It Up thing is really all about "intimidat[ing] and silenc[ing] students who have a Biblical view of homosexuality." Just as all anti-bullying measures are really all about punishing Christians who believe homosexual behavior is wrong. Though the AFA does kindly add that no one is in favor of anyone getting bullied.

AFA is fighting back against this day by urging parents to keep their kids out of school on Mix It Up day. Because heaven forbid any darling little Christian kids be exposed to different kids who might not ordinarily be in their circle of friends. Especially not any of those icky, sinning gay kids. Which we all should know is SPLC's real goal of this day. It's really about bullying the Christian kids.

It must be exhausting for the people behind the AFA to be so ever-vigilant and always finding all of these efforts by the devious "fanatical pro-homosexual groups" to further the radical homosexual agenda. These groups are just so good at hiding their true purpose behind things that sound good, like anti-bullying efforts.  So I guess it's good we have the not-at-all fanatical AFA to ferret out that insidious homosexual agenda. Because I would have thought anti-bullying efforts, like getting school kids to go outside their comfort zone and get to know kids they normally wouldn't, were good. Silly me.

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