Sunday, June 10, 2012

Fox News and the New York Post have gotten their collective panties in a twist because a public school principal has refused to allow kids to sing the Lee Greenwood song "God Bless the USA" at a school event. You know, "and I'm proud to be an American..."

Only one part of this story offends me: the part where the song is described as a "beloved" ballad. Let's just get one thing straight. That song is terrible. It is awful, trite, cheesy dreck. My soul dies a little bit every time I'm forced to hear it. Oh, and the overtly religious message also offends me and has no place in a public school. And fairly mindless, chest-thumping "Go America" stuff just isn't my style. But, truly, my primary objection is how unbelievably awful that stupid song is.

Anyone who spares captive audiences from having to listen to that song is a hero in my book.

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