Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Colleague down

I'm generally kind of a fan of social media. I'll go to twitter when I want to get a sense for what people are saying on a particular topic. I read the comment boards on news sites.

And I love my Facebook. For good reason, I might add. Facebook has reconnected me with many people from previous periods in my life who I thought I would never hear from again. I have made FB friends through mutual friends, people I probably wouldn't have met in real life. Likewise, friends of mine have gotten to know other friends of mine. Also, thanks to Facebook, two of my nearest and dearest have now been together for about a year and a half.

But the downside is this: sometimes, you find out way too much about people. Like when you realize that colleague who you thought you respected, liked, maybe even admired, is in fact a total prick. I wouldn't ever use that word myself, but this person uses it ALL THE TIME about anyone whose politics s/he disagrees with. Those politics are also not at all what I would agree with, so it's kind of like this former respected colleague is calling me a prick half the time. So the posts are all things I disagree with and written in such an awful, disparaging, disrespectful tone, often involving nothing more than mere name-calling. There is no pretense of civil discourse. And it's often just downright mean. Ugh.

Much like with Kirk Cameron, our relationship was much better before I knew the truth about this person.


Rob Osterman said...

I got around this by creating a list called "Old Friends". All of my posts are set to privacy settings of "Friends except Old Friends". Likewise my wall, pictures and news feed all exclude Old Friends. No "Defriending Drama", and never again bothered by their posts on my feed.

BellsforStacy said...

I do the same thing the other poster does. Only my list is called "Work / Blocked." Because my boss tried to be my friend and rather than ignore it / say no I just friended her but made it that she couldn't see anything I was doing. Ever. Didn't fool anyone, but she couldn't say I didn't friend her.

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