Sunday, November 27, 2011

You're fired!

I am doing the happiest of happy dances right now. The Turner Gill era at Kansas is finally, mercifully, over. It was two years too many with that very nice, but utterly incompetent, guy at the helm. I am not a huge KU football fan. Having gone to high school in Manhattan, I'm more of a K-State football fan. High school is when I really got into football. That was during the time when the turnaround started. And several guys I went to school with were pretty big players for K-State.

But I still root for KU football. And, more importantly, I live and breathe KU basketball. In this recent and ongoing conference realignment frenzy, the constant fear around Lawrence is that since no conference really wants KU football, we could find ourselves on the outside of the power conference world, being relegated to something like the Mountain West Conference. But the idea of the single most storied program in all of college basketball being part of something less than a power conference is enough to induce strokes, heart attacks, etc. Great as it is, even Kansas basketball may not be able to retain its position if it's playing 11 pm games against Colorado State and Wyoming.

So it's been awful having to watch this coach, who is so clearly in over his head and incapable of coaching big-time college football, losing blowout after blowout, leading a team on a 10-game losing streak, and actually seeming to make them worse over the course of the season. This guy should never have been hired. Here's hoping we can now find a coach who isn't just a decent man, but knows a little something about football as well.

For the sake of KU basketball, this had to happen. HAD TO. Now, please KU football, get better! Get better fast!

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