Saturday, November 5, 2011

I'm all over Christmas this year. I'm not usually so advanced. I'm often doing the bulk of my Christmas shopping after Decmber 15th. But not this year. I have already acquired my sister's main gift and let me assure you, it is the greatest gift ever. No other gift she has ever received or ever will receive can compete. I win Christmas. Forever. Not that it's a competition...

But let me tell you, I may have taken on too many knitting projects. Sweaters (plural), a scarf, hats, other things that will not be named here because people are reading. I have at least 6 projects decided on for sure and a 7th (big) one that I want to do as well. If I actually were to knit all the things I want to knit, I would a) be broke from buying all the yarn and 2) have no time to do anything but knit for the next 2 months.

We'll see how I do. At least I already have 2 Christmas projects fully completed. And my gift for my sister really is awesome.

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