Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ok, I'm ready for spring.  Somehow, once it gets dark outside, I just can't seem to do anything but sit on my couch.  So now that it's dark by the time I get home, I can't do anything productive, like wash dishes, go Christmas shopping, walk my dog, do laundry.  Even reading is difficult.  It's just too easy to huddle on the couch under a pile of blankets.  Because my stupid house is old and not properly insulated, any activity or project that can't be done while wrapped in or sitting under a blanket isn't going to happen.

Plus, when it's dark and cold, it just becomes that much easier to give into the blues.  I don't know if you've noticed, but I have a tendency to be a little blue anyway.  

And so that leads me to sitting on my couch right now at 7 p.m. feeling blue and pondering how long do I have to wait before I can go to bed.  I'd kind of like to stay in bed until we get back to the days when sunset isn't before 7.  But I can't really do that, now can I?  And it's not even winter yet.  Blerg.

On the plus side, there's an adorable pup curled up on my lap (which makes using a laptop a bit tricky).  She seems to think hunkering down on the couch all evening is perfectly acceptable.


Moxie said...

My cat has decided that it's his job to "hatch" the baby in my belly and so I've quickly mastered the art of balancing my laptop on top of the cat on top of my belly. I'm pretty good at this delicate balance until the baby starts kicking. Then it gets tricky.

But yes, I second that "blerg", this dark when I get home thing is a drag. Hot chocolate makes the couch sitting more bareable though. That and streaming Netflix. I think Netflix is my saving grace this winter.

S said...

We've rearranged ourselves so she's sitting next to me (with her own little doggy blanket on her). Much better for knitting, laptopping, reading, and remote controlling.

You know I am more of a vanilla person than chocolate, so I think I will go make myself a vanilla steamer. Good thing I bought milk on the way home to satisfy my waffle craving. (And the waffles were nummy! When the butter melts and mixes in with the syrup...So good.)

I have decided I will have to wear the fabulous dress again tomorrow to fight these blues. Dressing nicely seems to help me. I fear y'all might get sick of seeing that dress.

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