Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Random Tidbits

1) There's nothing like an old friend posting a photo from your high school prom to make you realize how far you've come.  (And perhaps I should rethink this friending high school folks on facebook thing.)

2) I have apparently become quite the social butterfly of late.  I have had many weeks in which I did not have a single night free.  I don't have another day without a social obligation until next Monday.  And on many days before then, I actually have multiple options.  I can't quite decide if I like this or not.  My dish and laundry pile are suffering.  And Maddie decidedly does not like it.

3) We all would do well to remember that not all biological materials yielding DNA results are blood.  Many samples are other materials, like vomit, saliva, vaginal fluid, semen, or even just skin cells.  Let's not just assume any positive DNA result is blood because it isn't.

4) When a former client files a habeas corpus motion alleging I provided ineffective assistance of counsel, the prosecutor does not "represent" me.  And I don't need defending.  If I screwed up, the only ethical thing for me to do is own it and try to correct the mistake.  I don't actually consider it a personal attack on me and even if I did, well, I'm a big girl and can handle it.  What I can't handle is a prosecutor who describes me as "cagey" because I have the nerve to still feel some sense of loyalty to the client and still protect his/her right to attorney/client confidentiality.

5) Matt Cassell has turned out to be a pretty decent quarterback.  And if he keeps passing, moving, and blocking like he did against Seattle on Sunday, I might even declare him the best-looking quarterback in the league.  (Yes, my judgment of his looks does in part depend upon his play.  Though objectively, I think it must be admitted he's a good-looking guy.  He'll just look much better to me if (when) the Chiefs make the play-offs.)

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