Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I want

You might recall my deep and abiding love for all things infomercial.  The ultimate infomercial item, of course, is the snuggie.  Even though it's actually a rip-off of the original and superior slanket.  I'm not gonna lie; I kinda want one.  Even in summer, I tend to lie on the couch with a blanket over me.  We could get into the psychology of me needing to feel covered and unexposed or we could just go with the "I'm always cold" explanation.  It has been suggested that I should buy one like this adorable offering from Urban Outfitters.

But here is the one I really want:

It's a snuggie.  It's Royals gear.  It's a sluggie!  And it's the promotional item being given away to the first 20,000 fans at this Saturday's Royals game.  If only I hadn't sworn off going to Royals games.


Nance said...

Don't get jealous, but I own a Slanket. Got it years and years ago, when they first got started. It's thick and heavy and delightfully warm. I adore it. The snuggie is a nothing, a mere bedsheet compared to my Slanket. Go for it; get a Slanket. You'll be so very very glad that you did.

(Hey Slanket People! I talk you up so often that you should send me a free one by now!)

S said...

No worries. Once I learned about the slanket, there was no worry about me buying a snuggie. But I am a sucker for gear with my team logos and the Royals were my first love.

(And if you get a free slanket, I want one, too. I blogged about them a year ago!)

mellancollyeyes said...

I happily own a Twins snuggie w/o any qualms and I wear it when I go to the games. Having one that sports the Twins logo (or in your case, the Royals) simply makes it all the more wonderful. You should for sure get one.

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