Sunday, September 20, 2009

Wait for it

Of course when I was a teenager, I watched "Doogie Howser" and loved our little over-achiever. But then we kind of lost track of his portrayer, Neil Patrick Harris, for a while. He grew up and did some Broadway.

He first came back on my radar when he appeared on Celebrity Poker Showdown. He was so charming as he crushed poor Shannon Elizabeth's spirit. And he now filled out a polo shirt better than I ever thought Doogie Howser would.

Then, about 4 years ago, he came back to a half-hour show, "How I Met Your Mother". I loved this show instantly, and did my best to get everyone to watch it. I tried to sell people on it by telling them what a discovery Neil Patrick Harris was. He plays Barney as the most loveable womanizer ever. He's awful and awesome and sweet and cynical and generally the most interesting character on t.v. He made me want to re-watch "Doogie Howser" so I can see if he was this amazingly talented back then. For years now, I've been telling anyone who would listen that Neil Patrick Harris is simply the absolute best thing on television.

This is all to say that if Neil Patrick Harris does not win an Emmy tonight for his legendarily awesome performance as Barney Stinson, I'm gonna go a little Kanye on someone.

UPDATED: Emmy, [tapping foot impatiently] I'd like to have a word with you... I am NOT happy with you right now. (But thank you for the shout-out to Pushing Daisies!)


Amy said...

I think he did a great job as a host.

Language Lover said...

I saw him on stage doing "Sweeney Todd" several years ago and he was fantastic. Not all actors can do both stage and screen. And he can sing!

You do know he's gay, right?

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