Saturday, September 12, 2009

Badly done, Serena

I have never much liked Serena Williams. I always thought she was a little too arrogant, a little too ungracious about her opponents. I've always liked Venus, but Serena has always had an ugly side. But I never really expected to see her physically threaten a line judge the way she did on match point last night. Threatening to stuff a ball down the judge's throat, waving her racket at her. It was pretty nuts. I loved when Serena joined the judge and tournament referee Bryan Earley by the chair and denied saying she would kill the judge, a spectator called out, "Yeah, you did." I would think those spectators who were sitting right behind the judge know exactly what Serena said.

I hope the WTA responds swiftly and strongly. I hope they fine Serena. I hope they default her from the women's doubles final. (Unfortunately, that would also default Venus.) And I hope they suspend her. Baseball would. I know the NBA would issue a fine and I would think a suspension would be likely. The NFL would undoubtedly issue a fine. Because no one involved in a game can physically threaten people like that.

Maybe I'm just mad at Serena for putting such a very sour note on the last weekend of my favorite tennis tournament.

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