Friday, November 21, 2008

I'm cursed

First, it was the computer with its blue screen of death. Ok, but that situation was resolved without costing me anything.

Then, I got a flat tire this week. It was not a fixable situation, so it required purchase of a new tire (well, 2, because I'm programmed to buy them in pairs). The tire situation also led to the discovery that my front brakes needed to be entirely replaced. Ok, that wound up not costing as much as I might have feared. It was only two tires and the front brakes.

Now, my bathtub is clogged. Completely. Totally. Drano did absolutely nothing for it. Damn my gorgeous, flowing locks! I'm guessing getting a plumber to come look at my pipes on a Saturday will not be cheap.

This hasn't been my best two weeks. What do you suppose will go wrong next?

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