Saturday, February 8, 2014

Michigan GOP: Gays Oughta be Purged?

Homosexuality Derangement Syndrome continues. The Michigan Republican Party needs to elect a new woman to sit on the Republican National Committee. Three women are said to be in contention. One of them has said she wants gays "purged" from the GOP. Because those perverted gays (being used by Satan to kill the GOP and have his way on this earth) are an affront to God and don't belong among the good Christians who make up the GOP.

Side note: someone might want to point out to this woman that using language like "purging" in reference to undesirable people lends itself to some unfortunate comparisons...

Apparently, there is real concern that the two normal women running will cancel each other out and this ranting woman will win. Seriously, go read this rant. It's so poorly written and formatted, it's almost impossible to tell what she's really saying. And yet this might be Michigan's official face of the Republican Party. It's horrifying in and of itself, regardless of the particular views expressed, that a woman so incapable of making a coherent point and engaging in public dialogue might have such a significant role in national level politics.

But what I really want to ask, and not for the first time, is why on earth are so many people so stinkin' focused on this one sin*? Why is it so unacceptable to have homosexuals in the GOP, but adulterers, fornicators, liars, thieves, etc. are welcomed without question? Why is allowing gay people to live without fear of discrimination tearing apart the very fabric of society but speaking out against greed is a downright unAmerican attack on capitalism that amounts to class warfare?

It has never made any sense to me that this one "sin*" is the bad one, the one to be singled out, focused on, treated differently. We can't possibly shun all the sinners (doesn't Christian theology say we're all sinners?), but it's ok to shun this one type of sinner.

I call BS on that. No, I call shenanigans. Is it possibly because calling out other classes of sin, other types of sinners, just might hit too close to home? It's the "safe" sin to single out because it's the one sin so many of these people will never be suspected of. They get to thump their chests and their Bibles and feel self-righteous knowing it won't come back on them, even if they get caught cheating on a spouse or a tax return.

That's gotta be it. They can't ALL be wrestling with sexual feelings they're not comfortable with.

*Recognize that I reject the idea that being gay or having gay thoughts or engaging in gay sex is in any way a sin, a civil wrong, a criminal act, or a bad thing. I'm just using the word this particular woman would use.


A Voice of Sanity said...

Google "lyings of a woman"

Google (centurion pais)

And for good measure, 1 Timothy 2:11-12.

S said...

Yeah, why anyone turns to Leviticus as a source of authority is beyond me, given how bizarre, confusing, and outdated the list of don'ts is.

And while I think the entire Bible is silly nonsense written by humans (so not the divine, or even divinely-inspired, word of god), it seems that this woman might be in violation of a verse or two just by being in a position of authority, eh?

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