Thursday, November 21, 2013

The neverending trial story

James Holmes, the man accused of perpetrating the Aurora, CO theater massacre, is now without a trial date. His case is indefinitely postponed while the attorneys wrangle over mental health examinations. The state got one performed and now wants some kind of clarification or re-exam. (Which, btw, suggests that, duh, the guy is insane, just as the defense has always maintained.)

So now there will be more psychological evaluations, more motions hearings, more everything but resolution of the case. And, sure enough, the comments online are expressing deep consternation about the fact that the alleged shooter isn't already a pile of bones. (Yep, actual comment. Not making that up. That's a fairly tame one, frankly.) How shameful it is that someone didn't just take him out back and put a bullet in his forehead. How unfair it is to the survivors and families that this will drag on longer and longer. How awful those blood-sucking leeches of bleeding-heart liberal defense attorneys are who defend this guy, gumming up the works so justice can be delayed forever. (Do we suck blood because we have to continually replenish the supply our bleeding hearts spill everywhere? Probably.)

I just want to point something out, though. That this case isn't resolved yet isn't on the defense. This one is squarely on the state. However long this case drags out, whatever twists it takes, remember one thing: the accused offered to plead out long, long ago. This case would be reduced to nothing but files stashed away in a storage room somewhere by now if the prosecutors weren't so dead-set on killing an insane man.

So if you want to be mad that someone is delaying justice, be sure you're focusing your anger where it belongs.

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