Monday, October 14, 2013

And the Nuttiest Member of Congress is:

In the past few days, Louie Gohmert has gone out of his way to prove something. In these days of record low approval ratings for Congress and general disdain and contempt being heaped on pretty much the whole lot, he wants everyone to know beyond a doubt that there is no contest for the title of Nuttiest Member of Congress. No matter what any of the rest of them do, he wins it. Hands down.

He's always stood out with the racist, zenophobic, stupid, horrible things he says. He's not backing down from bringing the stupid when he says now that he's no sure if he'll vote for a bill to avoid default, but he is sure it will be an impeachable offense by the president if default happens. (Wouldn't that be sort of like my employer being unsure whether it would issue my next paycheck, but declaring it will sue me if I don't get a paycheck?)

But maybe he's just so blinded by Obama Delusion Syndrome, that makes sense to him. Lots of people in Congress are irrationally desperate to impeach Obama for something, anything. So he decided he had to go one further to really set himself apart.

So he declared that a certain senator from Arizona (you know, John McCain, decorated Naval officer, former presidential candidate, six year prisoner of war) supported al qaeda (you know, the sworn enemy of the United States).

Now, I'm no huge fan of John McCain. I disagree with him on a lot of policies (though I also agree with him on things). I think his temperament would have been disastrous in the White House, so I'm thankful he wasn't elected. But I have never once doubted that our disagreements are between two people who both love our country and want what's best for it, but sometimes have different ideas of what's best or how to achieve it. Unlike Gohmert, most of us are capable of understanding that having different takes on foreign policy isn't equivalent to supporting terrorists.

I really want Texans to shut this guy up already. (By which I mean vote him out, of course.)

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