Thursday, July 18, 2013

Die hard fan? Try die never. Sigh.

The movie "Fever Pitch" makes me cry. Every time.

Why? Not because of the love story happy ending crap. My heart is dead to that nonsense.

No, it's because of the damn Red Sox. They finally pulled it off, broke the curse, and won the World Series.

And every time I watch the end of that movie and see the recaps of just how they did it, the stupid little girl Royals fan who remembers 1985, who grew up listening to and/or watching every game possible, who named all her stuffed animals after her favorite players, who still gets giddy every March because this could be the year, well she gets all choked up watching how the Red Sox finally got back to the series. Because watching it, I can't help but think some day that could be the Royals, mounting a monumental comeback and magically erasing all the bitterness of the last 28 years. The mere thought of it makes me cry. Every damn time I watch that movie.

There is something seriously wrong with me.

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