Sunday, August 19, 2012

Oh, Newt.

I just found one of the most clueless, obtuse Newt Gingrich quotes ever. Said Gingrich of the Nixon impeachment proceedings: “That, of course, wasn’t partisan because the left liked it.” (Per the Kansas City Star.)

Oh, Newt. To borrow a line from John McEnroe, "You cannot be serious!"

This is my biggest beef with the current state of politics. (And I do think the GOP is worse about this, if only because the GOP is better about presenting a unified message and dominating the terms of debate, which is something the Dems need to do a better job of fighting against.) It seems like the knee-jerk reaction is to label absolutely everything as partisan. Every action. Every criticism of any policy proposal or comment by the other side. Everything. But it's just not so. Not everything is partisan.

And of all the big political things that have happened in the past 50 years, the impeachment proceedings against Richard Nixon have to be about the least partisan of them all. Nixon's own party leaders assured him the Senate would convict him if it got to an impeachment trial. He had, at most, 15 votes in his favor. Meaning 85 Senators would have voted to convict, which is a pretty overwhelmingly bi-partisan majority.

Newt trying to claim that Nixon's impeachment proceedings were at all partisan is what's partisan.

I really hope we are officially done with this man now that his presidential bid has failed.

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