Thursday, April 15, 2010

I agree with this: it's time to appoint to the Supreme Court someone who studied law somewhere other than Harvard or Yale.  In fact, I think we should get away from the Ivy League.  From the entire east coast.  Obama should definitely look inward, to the heartland.  It really doesn't get any more heartland than Kansas, you know.  I think a solid midwestern school could undoubtedly yield an excellent justice.  Like the University of Wisconsin, for example.  I hear that's a pretty good school.  And I'm not just saying that because I have a pretty piece of their parchment paper in my office.  (Except, of course, I am.  Go Badgers!)  I think the perfect choice for the next Supreme Court Justice just might be a midwesterner (like a Kansan) who went to a reputable state school (like Wisconsin).  Of course, you'd also want someone who is well-versed in appellate practice.  It's pretty standard to look to appellate judges, but we really shouldn't be so quick to overlook the lawyers who regularly appear before those appellate judges.

Wait a minute, that kinda sounds like me.  And goodness knows I could use a major change of scenery right about now.  So I definitely think the powers that be should consider picking a younger, female, public defender from a Big Ten law school for the high court to add some much-needed balance.  (Me, me, me!) Just a thought, Mr. President.

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Kylie said...

Your Honor, Please take me with you as your head law clerk when you are appointed to Bench. DC will be lots more fun if we're both there.

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