Monday, May 5, 2014

Good news

Sometimes, people do the right thing and it's a beautiful sight. Remember Mike Anderson? The guy who never went to prison after his robbery conviction, but spent those 13 years building a business, a good family, and generally living a good, worthwhile life? They let him go. The state of Missouri, of all states, did a good thing and let him go. Who knew Missouri even knew good things existed? (I kid, I kid. Sort of. No self-respecting Kansan won't take pot-shots at Missouri every chance she gets. Doesn't actually mean we think every single person who lives in Missouri is evil. My friend Ali is pretty cool.)

Anyway, it's nice to see a judge take a rational approach to sentencing. It's good to see the Missouri Attorney General's office seems to agree with the result. We shouldn't send people to prison just for the sake of it. I knew when I first read about this case that all my fellow defenders would agree sending a guy to prison at this late date after he's built such a successful life for himself would be a ludicrous waste of resources. I'm glad to see the non-defenders see it that way, too.

Enjoy your family, Mike Anderson.

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