Thursday, June 13, 2013

I hate this woman so much

If I ever watch Nancy Grace, it's at the midnight re-airing. And it's because I'm either working or completely unable to sleep (as opposed to my usual largely unable to sleep). Tonight, it's a lot of both. I figured since the announcement came out that the prosecution would, in fact, pursue a second death penalty trial against Jodi Arias, Nancy would want to chat about it. That or she would be talking about some new missing "tot" so I could dwell on how much I hate her use of that word. Watching this woman gets me fired up and helps me make strong arguments. Or it just distracts me when I'm in full on denial and procrastination mode.

Tonight's topic is indeed Jodi Arias. She is reporting that Arias is being sent to a state mental hospital for a competency evaluation. This isn't a terribly uncommon or surprising development. Being in jail facing the death penalty is one of the more stressful situations most death penalty defendants face, so it's pretty normal for a defendant to suffer some breakdown in mental functioning. Or at least for defense attorneys to worry about it.

Nancy keeps talking about how outrageous it is that Arias will escape death row and instead go to a cushy mental health facility. This woman is so awful! First, Arias isn't under sentence of death, remember? So she doesn't belong on death row. She's certainly not "escaping" from it. Second, a state mental hospital should never, ever be considered "cushy" by any sane, rational person. I am confident Nancy wouldn't be comfortable staying in this "cushy" setting. The facility in Kansas that handles convicts and criminal defendants for competency evaluations is not a nice place to be. There's no mistaking that it's prison. Since we're talking about Maricopa County here, one of the most draconian counties in all the land, I have a hard time picturing the corresponding mental health facility as some delightful resort and spa type place.

Why, why, why do I keep subjecting myself to this woman's particularly awful brand of mean-spirited, fact-free infotainment?? And why does this awful, horrid woman have a television show and get speaking engagements and I don't??


Molly Blackwell said...

I can relate. I despise Nancy Grace but I admit that I usually have her show on as I prepare dinner on week nights. In fact, I despise all of those assholes at HLN. I was so revolted at their despicable coverage of the Jodi Arias case that I found myself hoping for verdict of not guilty.

While I truly cannot stand Nancy Grace,for some reason I am entertained by her. She is so cruel, judgmental, petty, narrow-minded, etc. but her show is like a bad car wreck I just can't turn away from.

S said...

It's exactly like a car wreck. I won't say I'm entertained by her but I'm oddly fascinated, at times even obsessed. I just can't stop myself.

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