Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Diana Medley of Indiana is having a tough few days on the internet. She deserves it, so what the heck, I'll pile on. A group of parents of Sullivan High School students started an effort to have a "gay-free" prom. Medley became the public face of that effort after making particularly heinous comments. It's bad enough to want to keep the gays out, to want them to stop asking for "special rights" when what you really mean is to stop asking for equal access, or to complain about the gays pushing their "lifestyle" in your face by existing like normal people. Medley goes way beyond that. She says gays have "no purpose" in life. She is sorry, but she just doesn't understand "it."

It's the Diana Medleys of the world that I just don't understand and never will. (Side note: she's a special needs teacher...) Why are people so ugly about homosexuality? Why is this the sin that some people think should get teens banned from prom? I don't see these parents (and students as well) looking to ban fornicators or liars or kids with criminal records from the prom. Just the gays.

Medley and her motley crew think that having gays and lesbians at the prom would be offensive to them. How do these people not see that they are the offensive ones?

I'm so, so over the anti-gay thing. It's ugly. It's arbitrary. It's nonsensical. And it's mean. But even with all that said, I still would never tell the gay haters (and, yes, that's what this is) that they can't go to prom, no matter how much more fun prom would be without them. Because I'm not a mean jerk. Unlike the Diana Medleys of the world.

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