Sunday, November 18, 2012

Defending Kim K

Kim Kardashian made news this weekend. Not for some outfit she wore or club she went to or anything like that. She got a lot of attention for a couple of tweets she posted about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. I guess she should have known that saying anything about that situation might get her attention and put her in the middle of all sorts of spiraling debates as people can get pretty heated on that topic.

But then I saw what her tweets were. She first wrote that she was praying for everyone in Israel. And then she wrote that she was praying for everyone in Palestine.

And for this she had to remove the tweets and issue an apology. For praying for people. She didn't express an opinion about the conflict. Didn't say she wanted one side to prevail. Just said she was praying for people on both sides. Generally suggesting she wishes them well, wants peace, doesn't want people to die. And somehow this generated controversy.

Isn't that a pretty sad statement? That there are people who can get mad that someone would have the nerve to pray for people on both sides of a conflict? I, for one, am offended that people were offended. There are good and decent and innocent people on both sides. And it's good to want none of them to get hurt or suffer. But, heck, I don't even want the bad people on either side to get hurt. I think it's ok to root for that, too. It's not ok to be mad at someone for rooting for that. Sheesh, that's not something anyone should ever have to defend.

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