Sunday, December 18, 2011

So, yeah. That just happened. Merry Christmas, Chiefs fans!


Transplanted Lawyer said...

Green Bay's gift to you. We missed Greg Jennings, and Nick Collins, and James Starks, Bryan Bulaga, and Chad Clifton... You get the idea.

Not that this was an excuse. KC's secondary was really awesome. And we do still have a first-round bye locked up and Pittsburgh can secure homefield advantage for us tonight.

Congratulations, Chiefs and enjoy the afterglow, Chiefs fans.

S said...

Hey, we've been missing Jamaal Charles, Tony Moeaki, Matt Cassell, Eric Berry...

Our defense has really come on of late. If we could score on offense even a little bit, we would have won against Pittsburgh, too.

Green Bay is my second favorite NFL team, though. I always root for them unless they are playing the Chiefs or for some weird playoff scenario, I need their opponent to win.

I can't believe that with two winless months, we are still alive for a playoff spot. That's nuts.

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