Monday, October 10, 2011

Oh, Montel Williams. I never really judged you terribly harshly for your television show. I even rather liked you once you became a vocal advocate for MS (a cause close to my heart). Until you started pitching payday loans on t.v. Having worked at the consumer law clinic in law school, I have seen just how much damage those loans can do. Shame on you for participating in the financial shenanigans.

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BellsforStacy said...

I know I dislike payday loans. I just think they are predatory lending at it's WORST.

I used to work for the guy that was the CEO of Ac.e C.ash Exp.ress (not while he was there, while he was at another place). And he used to try and justify it to me that there is a group of people that have no access to help if they need car repairs or home repairs and payday loans are the only way to get their cars fixed so that they can get to and from work.

And while that sort of makes sense ... the fact remains that those loans pray on poor people and charge exorbitant interest rates on folks who are really down on their luck.

They are mostly scum.

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