Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween just might be growing on me

In recent years, I have taken some flak for being a grown adult who doesn't particularly care to put together a costume for Halloween.  I would much rather take the opportunity to dress up in one of my cocktail or evening dresses that I don't get to wear that often.  Especially now that I'm back down to half-marathon weight and all my dresses look fabulous.

So last night I decided to compromise.  I wore my favorite, slinkiest black dress and declared that my costume was "Hot chick in a slinky black dress."  Judging by the reactions of Brett Favre and Old Spice Guy*, I do believe it was my most successful costume ever.  Maybe I have been a little too rigid about this whole Halloween costume thing.

*In case you're wondering, choosing between Brett Favre and Old Spice Guy isn't easy, so I didn't.  They both got my number.  But Brett is on a short leash when it comes to texting...
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